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2020 Speed Contest Rules
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1. Eligibility: IWCA Professional members and their employees are eligible to enter, as are members of national cleaning associations that are corresponding members of the IWCA. Entrants must be registered for the convention.


2. Entry Fee: Each entrant must have paid the $25 fee. 


3. Equipment and Materials Sponsors: Contestants must use the equipment supplied by the IWCA and the sponsors of the contest. No other equipment and materials will be permitted. No specially designed equipment and materials will be allowed. All equipment submitted becomes the property of the contest committee.


4. Contest Equipment and Materials: Contestants can only use the equipment and material provided for the contest by the IWCA and the sponsors. Equipment and materials used by a contestant need not be from the same manufacturer. Contestants can only use a 300 mm (1 ft) squeegee with a brand new rubber with a fixed handle must be supplied by the organizers. It must have a 14” applicator/ These tools must not be altered in any way. Swivel tools, or tools specially designed for competition, are not permitted. A maximum of 9 litres (2.5 gallons) of water must be used. Contestants must use the detergent supplied by the organizers – added to the water according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The chamois/cotton towel provided by the sponsors will only be used by the contestants for removing residues from the windowsill or ledge.


5. Competition Windows: There must be 3 glass windows -- each exposed pane measuring 1.14 meters x 1.14metres (45inx45in), with not less than 13mm (.5in) of rebate on all 4 sides. Each window must have a sill or bottom ledge protruding not less than 5 cm (2 in). Each contestant will start with windows clean and dry.


6. Practice: Three trial runs are permitted. Contestants may practice on the day of the competition using their own equipment and materials or those provided by the sponsors, but on the understanding that only those provided by the sponsors will be used in the actual competition. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed at practice sessions.


7. The competition will be judged by an expert referee and timed by 2 others. Contestants must start with applicator in one hand and squeegee in the other and remain so throughout the attempt. Applicator must not be touching the window. Judge calls ‘start’ or gives some similar signal. At this moment the timers start their watches. The entire window must be wetted and the sill must be wiped clean. Contestants call ‘stop’ when he has cleaned all 3 windows and wiped the ledge. Both timekeepers report to the referee who determines the correct time. If there are discrepancies, the slower time shall be recorded. Judges and referee check smears and the referee then aggregates the time and smear penalties.


8. Each contestant has to ‘finish’ his windows so that smears, streaks and water residue are not evident. Each smear will incur a half-second penalty. If any ledge is not cleaned, a 1 second penalty (per un-wiped window) is incurred.


9. The following penalties will be added to the contestant’s time: 

1/2 second for each streak/smear/water residue 
1 second for each sill not wiped


10. Disqualification: Contestants must start with applicator in one hand and squeegee in the other and remain so throughout the attempt. Applicator must not start touching the window. Altering equipment, failing to wash exposed glass surfaces on any of the three windows, Unsportsmanlike conduct, false start, large intentional errors, throwing equipment, questioning the judge's decisions, failing to appear for the competition at the allocated time will all result in disqualification of contestant.