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2020 Medley Team Challenge Rules
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1. Eligibility: IWCA Professional members and their employees are eligible to enter, as are members of national cleaning associations that are corresponding members of the IWCA. Entrants must be fully registered for the convention.


2. Entry Fee: Each entrant must have paid the $25 fee.


3. Equipment and Materials: Cleaning solutions are prepared according to manufacturer's instructions. Sponsored tools are the only tools that may be used in the competition. Equipment must not be altered in any way. Equipment submitted becomes the property of the IWCA Competition Committee.


4. The windows range in size from 9" by 12" to 47" by 76 ½”. Windows may be set up in any order at the discretion of the contest foreman. A deep ledge has been added to one of the upper windows.


5. The attempt is by two expert judges and timed. A contest foreman will oversee the judges, timers, and scorer. In the event of any discrepancy, the contest foreman will make the final determination.


6. Procedure: Teams will be offered practice time the day of the contest to plan their strategy. When it is time for teams to compete the contest foreman will call each number and the team must immediately move on stage. They must signal when ready and the contest foreman will call "3, 2, 1, GO." The tools must be left in the bucket until the contestant has started. . All frames that can be reached from a standing position must be wiped with a sponge or rag. Then using a applicator or sponge each window must be completely wet with cleaning solution. There must be enough solution on the glass so that it is visible to the judges. After properly wetting the glass the contestant may squeegee the window. The two upper windows must be done with poles. Poles are optional on the rest of the windows. Touching up of the windows will not be allowed, however the contestant may re-clean any windows they choose. Chamois, rags, or sponges may be used to wipe off the frames and squeegee only. No detailing of glass surfaces with chamois, rags, or sponges will be allowed. Doing so will disqualify the team.


The attempt is finished when all the windows have been properly cleaned and one of the team contestant raises a hand and announcing loudly that the team is done. The winning team will have the fewest number of mistakes. If two or more of the teams have the same number of mistakes, the lowest time will win. Contestants exceeding 2.0 minutes will be disqualified. The foreman will give a 10-second countdown to the two-minute deadline. 


8. Judges will record a mistake for the following reasons: a frame or portion of frame was not wiped with sponge, an area of glass was not wet with the scrubber, a watermark was left on the glass, etc.


9. Unsportsmanlike conduct is grounds for disqualification. This includes, but is not limited to throwing of tools, excessive intoxication and verbal abuse of others. 
10. No contestants will be allowed in the judging area or be allowed to converse with the judges during the contest. This includes questioning judges
decisions. Refusing to leave the judging area when asked by a contest official is grounds for disqualification.