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Certification Frequently Asked Questions
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What is the Certification Program?

The IWCA Safety Certification Program consists of four different workbooks that may be used singularly or combined depending on the certification level attempted. All training materials are available in either English or Spanish.

Window cleaners learn about the safe use of basic window cleaning equipment and chemicals and/or the use of more complicated equipment including high-rise access equipment. They will also gain an understanding of how to assess a job site for hazards and what can be done to overcome those hazards.

The appropriate workbooks can be downloaded upon their registration for the course.

In addition to using the workbook(s) as a study aid, the enrolled trainee must also complete three online exams. After successfully passing the three online exams with a score of 92 or higher the trainee must pass the final exam by scoring 90 or higher The final exam is an in-person, proctored exam. The final exam will be offered during regional safety trainings and during the annual conference. Certifications are valid for three years.

How many test are involved?

Three online tests and one final exam.

What is the investment?

The cost is $300 per individual for Suspended Operations if you are an IWCA member, $750 per individual if you are not an IWCA member. The cost is $175 per individual for Ground Operations if you are an IWCA member. If you plan to take the final exam at an IWCA event, a proctor will be provided. If you cannot attend, you can have the final exam at your location through the hire your own proctor option.

How do I hire my own proctor?

After identifying a qualified proctor and submitting the completed agreement to the IWCA, the IWCA will send the instructions and exams to administer the final exam at your identified location.

Who provides the certification training?

The certification program is designed for those who have been working within the window cleaning industry for a while, not for someone who just recently decided to become a window cleaning professional. The primary work is self-study via the downloadable workbooks. A review session during IWCA regional or annual convention safety training course is taught by Stefan Bright, IWCA’s Safety Director.

I just started my business, can I be certified?

We are glad you are taking the initiative! However, the certification program is not for someone brand-new to the business. A better beginner course for you would be the one-day, regional IWCA Safety Training program. That program covers all of the safety basics and is a good way to get started. Please be aware that the certification program is to certify that you have the skill set and knowledge needed to fit the requirements of that specific level.

How long does it take to become certified?

We ask our enrollees to give themselves at least a three month window prior to the final exam to study. Although there are those who have passed everything on a quicker time frame, three months is enough time for most people to be successful.

How many tests involved?

There are three online tests and a final proctored multiple choice exam.

What does certification do for me?

By earning your certification, you are validating your commitment to safety within the industry. Building owners and property managers are now requesting window cleaning contractors to provide proof of certification on their bids for business.

Does everyone have to do it?

IWCA Safety Training courses or our certification program is not a requirement for those working within the window cleaning industry. However, as an association we hope that you will choose to participate in some sort of safety training program, even if it is not with us. Ultimately, we want every window cleaner to go home safely each day.